Best Moving Companies for Veterans

The 4 Best Moving Companies for Veterans 

As a veteran, you deserve to have your move be as cost-efficient and easy as possible. Many moving companies offer discounts to veterans and active duty military members. 

To help you narrow down which moving companies for veterans and active duty military members are the best, we made a list of the four best moving services for veterans.

north american moving services for veterans

Best Full-Service Moving Company for Veterans: North American Moving Services

North American Moving Services is the best full-service moving company for veterans. Whether you need cross country movers or you are moving to a closer state, North American Moving Services will take care of you. This moving company provides industry-standard full-service moves, including transportation, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and unpacking services. 

Their website offers various online resources, such as creating a moving checklist and relocation guides. They offer generous military discounts on moving, storage, packing services, protection plans, and tariff rates. 

Members of the American Legion are eligible for exclusive savings and receive up to $100,000 in replacement coverage at no cost should your items become lost or damaged. North American Moving Services also has an easy and accessible claims process in case something goes wrong during your move. 


  • Offers generous discounts for veterans 
  • Covers all US states and international moves
  • Offers full value protection
  • The claims process is easy


  • Depending on your location, storage options may be limited
pods moving company for veterans

Best Moving Containers for Veterans: PODS

PODS offers the best moving containers for veterans. Whether you are a veteran or on active duty, PODS will give you a ten percent discount on your local move. 

This discount will be applied after delivery fees and storage fees are factored into your total. A benefit of using PODS compared to other container moving services is that your veteran discount is also applied to storage. 

When using PODS, they deliver a cargo container to your location. You pack it yourself, and PODS transports it to your new home, or it can be stored at a secure PODS warehouse. 

If packing yourself sounds challenging due to your age, you can consider using a senior moving service to help with your move.

A veteran discount for long-distance moves only applies to your first month’s storage, transportation, and initial delivery fees. 


  • Transparent pricing online
  • Convenient
  • On-site storage


  • Not available in all 50 US states
budget veteran mover

Best Military Truck Rental: Budget

Budget is the best military truck rental because they offer incredible discounts for military moves, but unfortunately, it is only geared towards active duty personnel. The budget truck rental military discount does not apply to fees, taxes, damage waivers, or other additional costs. 

If you are active duty personnel, you can receive a 20 percent discount on your truck rental any day of the week. It is difficult to find any company that offers that high of a discount, so it is essential to recognize Budget for their effort with active duty military members. 

They offer multiple truck sizes to accommodate your move best. Whether a local or long-distance move, Budget offers low-cost moves and easy online reservations. 


  • High discount rate for active duty personnel
  • Easy to make online reservations
  • Offers one-way moves
  • Affordable


  • A $150 Deposit required to schedule your move
  • No discounts for veterans, only active duty military
penske veteran mover

Honorable Mention: Penske 

Penske deserves an honorable mention as a moving company for veterans. Whether you are a veteran, a reservist, or active duty, Penske will take ten percent off your military discount moving truck rental, accessories, or towing equipment. You need to provide proof of your veteran or military status when you get your moving truck to receive your discount. 

Any taxes, fees, or protection plans are added to your total price after applying the discount. Penske is a highly military-friendly company that both employs and supports veterans. 

They partner with Support Military Families to collect care packages and deliver them to military families. They have a specific call center for veterans and active duty members, so you don’t have to worry about finding the department that handles military moves. Penske also offers nationwide availability, and it is easy to make online reservations. 


  • Available nationwide
  • Supports and employs veterans
  • Unlimited miles for one-way moves
  • Separate call center for veterans and active duty personnel


  • There is a fee per mile on local moves
  • Refundable security deposit to schedule move
moving companies for veterans

Frequently Asked Questions

Do most movers offer military discounts?

Many moving and storage companies offer military discounts to veterans and active duty members. When planning a move through a moving company, it can be beneficial to ask about their veteran discounts to help you save money on your move.

Is moving yourself or hiring movers better?

Moving by yourself versus hiring movers depends mainly on your budget and how much time you need to move. Moving yourself can be strenuous, especially if you don’t have help from friends or family. 

Hiring movers that offer military discounts on moving trucks will cost more, but it is much easier for you. Movers can help you pack, load, unload, and unpack for your move.

What size moving truck do I need?

The size moving truck you need depends on the size of your move for your veteran moving services. If you are moving two to three rooms, a 16-foot moving truck should work well. 

Many moving companies for military truck rentals usually range in size from 12 feet to 26 feet. Using a moving app can help you determine what size moving truck you need based on the size of your move.

Final Thoughts

Many moving companies for veterans offer special discounts, so it is essential always to ask if discounts are provided before scheduling a move. If you are planning a move and need help finding a moving company, using the Agoyu app can help. 

The Agoyu app can help you find the cheapest moving companies with the biggest discounts. Agyou can help you compare reviews and prices of the best military moving companies today.

Bill Mulholland

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