Best Cross Country Movers

The Best Cross Country Movers Reviewed

Planning a cross country move can be stressful, which is why it can be helpful to use a moving company to help assist with your move. Choosing between multiple moving companies can be difficult, as a lot of the moving companies offer similar services. 

However, they are not all the same. Please be careful, understand precisely what each company offers, and if their services are the best fit for you.

Here’s the short list of cross country movers reviews of the moving companies that we would choose from:

international van lines

International Van Lines

Best Overall


  • Offers cross country moving
  • Have a generous cancelation period of 48 hours before your scheduled move with a complete refund of your deposit
  • Offers one month of storage for free
  • Rated the Best in Customer Service in 2021


  • You need to put down a deposit to schedule your move
  • No container moving service

International Van Lines is the best overall choice for cross country movers. This cross country mover operates throughout the entire country, available in all 50 states. Their customer service team is excellent and they help assist every move. 

Each move is assigned two representatives, so if you need anything during your move there will always be someone to get in touch with. As a cross country moving company, their reviews indicate that they have wide availability, great rates, many service options, and over 22 years of experience in the moving business. 

To schedule your move with International Van Lines, you must put down a 25 percent deposit to reserve your date. 

Some other benefits of scheduling your cross country move with one of the best-rated cross country moving companies is that your move includes full-service packing, transportation of your vehicles, online quotes, multiple insurance options, moving supplies, and shipment tracking. 

allied moving services

Allied Van Lines

Best Runner Up


  • Offers cross country moving services
  • Has great insurance options
  • Generous cancelation policy
  • Offers short and long-term storage


  • Moving services can be costly
  • Does not offer 24/7 customer claims support

Allied Van Lines is our runner-up for cross country moving services. Many factors contribute to making Allied the best runner-up for top country movers reviews, such as great customer reviews, excellent insurance options, and their generous cancellation policy. 

Their cancelation policy allows you to cancel your move for free, as long as the movers have not yet started. They also offer container moving services, which can be challenging to find elsewhere. You do not need to put down a deposit to reserve your move. 

Allied Van Lines, which is one of the top moving companies cross country, offers multiple other beneficial services, like moving quotes, shipment tracking, vehicle shipping, full-service packing, and moving supplies. While many other movers will outsource vehicle shipping, Allied will be happy to ship your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, or RV using their own carriers. 

north american moving services

North American Van Lines

Best Customer Service 


  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • Great for corporate and commercial relocation
  • Offers container moving service
  • Does not require a deposit to schedule your move


  • Requires a three-day notice to cancel
  • Limited storage options, depending on your location

North American Van Lines is the best for customer service for moving company reviews cross country because they offer 24/7 customer service with over 500 agents that will be able to assist. Their excellent customer service helps to make them stand out with their warranty and claims since they are available at any given point to help. 

North American Van Lines does not require a deposit to schedule moving services, which benefits many planning their move. While they have limited storage options and not the best cancellation policy, they offer container moving services with their Blue Express option. 

They offer shipment of your vehicle, complete packing services, moving supplies, online quotes, and shipment tracking. 

american van lines

American Van Lines 

Best Experienced


  • Moving crew is well-trained and experienced
  • Offers fixed rate quotes so there are no surprise charges
  • Great for corporate moving
  • Good at moving antiques or other delicate items


  • Cancelation policy is restrictive
  • Does not offer container moving services
  • Requires an upfront deposit, which can be between 10 and 50 percent of total moving cost

American Van Lines is the best-experienced moving company for cross country moving company reviews, as they have been assisting with moves since 1995 and offer extensive training to their moving crew. They hire their movers full-time, while many other moving companies hire their movers with the approach of contractual labor. 

Their movers, on average, have about 10 years of experience in the moving industry, and they require their moving crew to take routine certification courses and training workshops on various topics related to moving. One of the training workshops includes how to move antiques and delicate items properly. 

American Van Lines offers fixed rate quotes so there are no surprise charges, and they are an excellent company for corporate moving. While mostly everything they offer is beneficial, their cancellation policy is restrictive, they do not provide container moving services, and they do require an upfront deposit. 

Their cancelation policy states that you only have three days after scheduling your move to cancel for free. They also offer full-service packing, online quotes, vehicle shipping, and moving supplies.

safeway moving services

Safeway Moving Systems

Best for Military


  • U.S. Veteran owned company
  • All moves include packing services
  • 30 days of free storage on all moves


  • Communication can be difficult because a third-party company is used to assist in the move
  • No information regarding online pricing
  • Safeway Moving Systems is the best for military moves. As a U.S. Veteran owned company, it is crucial to Safeway to assist in military moves whether it is cross country or internationally. 

All moves include complete packing and unpacking services and 30 days of free storage. Safeway offers responsive customer support seven days a week and donates a portion of your cost to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. 

However, Safeway does not offer information online regarding its pricing. Since Safeway is a broker, they use a third party to assist in your move. It can be difficult to contact your carrier directly, since it is not directly through Safeway. 

jk moving services

JK Moving Services

Best for Custom Options


  • Customizes every move based on your individual needs
  • Offers financing through Enhancify
  • Online quotes available


  • Some customer reviews state that communication is difficult

JK Moving Services is the best custom option for best cross country movers reviews. Every move is customized based on your individual needs and finances, as they are willing to do whatever you need to help with your move. 

They offer full and partial packing services, which include packing, unpacking, and moving supplies. They also offer GPS tracking on your shipment to ensure you know exactly where your belongings are throughout your move. 

You can take advantage of financing through Enhancify if you want to portion out your payments for the moving services. JK Moving Services offers online quotes, and climate-controlled storage and has over 40 years of experience.

How to Choose the Best Rated Cross Country Moving Services 

When choosing the best cross country moving services, it is essential to do extensive research on different moving companies that offer cross country moving. Look for movers that have experience and provide nationwide availability. 

Your movers should offer services that are beneficial to you and your specific needs, like if they offer financing or container moving services. Ensure the moving company has proper insurance, just in case anything happens. You should also carefully read online cross-country movers reviews to ensure other customers are satisfied with their services.

Final Thoughts 

These moving company cross country reviews should help you understand what each company offers and does not offer for cross country moves.Agoyu, one of the best apps for moving, can help you find the best cross country moving company by comparing movers prices and cross country movers reviews. All you need to do is provide your moving details, compare moving costs, and document and book your move.

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