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What Size Truck Do I Need to Move? 

Knowing what size moving truck you need can be difficult because it’s often challenging to determine just “how much truck” you need. 

While many moving companies suggest you choose the truck’s size based on how many bedrooms in a home you live in, it is best to select your truck based on the amount of cubic space you need. 

You can typically choose from small, medium, or large-sized moving trucks for full-service moves.

Calculate Moving Truck Size by Rooms 

Whether this is your first time moving or you have moved before, you might need to know which size truck to choose for your move. It can become complicated if the moving company you choose only advertises their moving trucks in small, medium, or large sizes. 

While the best moving companies will offer guidelines on which box truck sizes you need, they are only sometimes accurate. Often, your home size is how moving companies determine truck size.

Home SizeRecommended Truck Size
1-room apartment10-16 feet
2-room apartment12-22 feet
3-room house16-22 feet
5-room house22-26 feet

These size ranges are not exact and can sometimes overlap, especially since the square footage isn’t listed for your home. Two homes with the same rooms will not always be the same size and have the same amount of belongings.

What Size Moving Truck Do I Need – How to Pick the Right Size 

To choose moving truck sizes, you must determine the cubic space inside the truck. The cubic space is based on how many boxes, beds, or other belongings you are moving. 

You can use an online moving calculator to determine this or calculate the dimensions yourself. The formula to determine cubic feet is length x width x height = cubic feet volume. Once you know how many cubic feet you need, you should look into the truck’s cubic footage capacity. 

Many moving companies will provide the exact cubic footage capacity for you, so you likely won’t need to determine this yourself. When figuring out your cubic footage, you should create a moving checklist app to ensure you don’t forget to add any goods to your move, like mattresses, furniture, boxes, or other fragile items.

what size moving truck do i need

Different Types of Moving Trucks 

After determining exactly how much you are moving, it is time to choose a type of moving truck. 

Small Box Truck

A small box truck is a good choice if you are moving to a small one-bedroom apartment. If you are moving out of a small apartment, a 10 to 12-foot truck should work fine. You can fit most size mattresses in a small box truck, but a king mattress would be too large. 

Even if you think you can fit everything into a small box truck, you might not be able to if you have a lot of goods. However, you can fit plenty into a small box truck if you pack it efficiently. Load all of your large items, like furniture and beds, and then load your smaller items and boxes. 

Truck Size10ft12ft12ft
Capacity1 room apt1-2 br apt1 room apt
Interior Space402 cubic ft450 cubic ft380 cubic ft
Weight Limit2,810lbs3,100lbs3,610lbs
Gas Mileage12 mpg12 mpg8-14 mpg

Medium Box Truck

Medium-sized box trucks are a good option for long-distance moves or moves that contain large loads. Medium-sized trucks are durable and have a lot of space, making them suitable for long trips. You can use this size moving truck if you are moving out of a one or two-bedroom home, a two-bedroom apartment, or a condo. 

The primary difference between a medium size box truck and a small box truck is that the medium truck fits a king-sized mattress. Some moving companies have a small storage compartment above the truck’s cab, so you can safely store any fragile or small items during the move. For example, U-Haul has a storage space on some of their trucks called Mom’s Attic.

Truck Size15ft16ft16ft
Capacity2-3 room apt2-3 room apt2-3 room apt
Interior Space764 cubic ft800 cubic ft658 cubic ft
Weight Limit6,385lbs4,300lbs4,460lbs
Gas Mileage10 mpg12 mpg6-10 mpg

Large Box Truck

Large box trucks can be used whether you have a two- to three-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom home. You can fit almost anything inside a large box truck, such as a king-size mattress or a California king mattress. 

You can even put your washer and dryer set in this large truck. Large box trucks are usually at least 20 feet and can handle the goods of everyone in your household. If you are curious about what size U Haul you need, you can use this chart to determine the size.

Truck Size20ft22ft26ft
Capacity2-3 room apt3-4 room apt4-5 room apt
Interior Space1,016 cubic ft1,200 cubic ft1,700 cubic ft
Weight Limit5,700lbs10,000lbs10,000lbs
Gas Mileage10 mpg10 mpg10 mpg

Pickup Trucks

A pickup truck is best used for a minimal move, like moving out of a studio apartment or a bedroom. Pickup trucks are inexpensive to rent since they are not full-service. 

You can fit some standard belongings into a pickup truck, like a table and chairs, a desk, or a twin bed and mattress. Many companies like Budget, U-Haul, or Lowes offer pickup truck rentals. 

Final Thoughts

While figuring out what size moving truck you need might seem daunting, it is simple once you know how much space you need for the move. If you are between sizes, you might want to go with the smaller choice to save some money. 

If you think it is too small, you can always add a trailer to add more space. Using a moving app, like Agoyu, can help you compare mover prices and review customer reviews. Download our app today to get started on planning your move!

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