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Moving to Denver Guide: Read This Before You Move

Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and it is easy to see why. Besides being surrounded by beautiful scenery, Denver has a booming economy, thriving culture, and favorable climate. 

While Denver might not be the best choice for everyone, many will find something about Denver to love. 

Why Move to Denver: The Pros

There are many pros to moving to Denver, and it is easy to see why. Between the beautiful scenery, skiing opportunities, and booming economy, the Mile High city is a popular place to live. 

Excellent Public Transit System

When moving to another state, the public transit system must be kept in mind. While not everyone uses public transit for transportation, those who do use public transport will enjoy Denver’s public transit system. 

Several new light rail lines, including one that goes to the Denver International Airport, opened up. The light rails are mainly used to connect the suburbs to Denver, but there are also buses to use. The bus that runs throughout the 16th Street Mall in Denver’s downtown is free. 

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Great Sports Town

Those who live in Denver usually have a passion for sports and especially love the Broncos. 

The Broncos have won three Super Bowls but have been popular long before their success. Most Denver locals still refer to the Broncos stadium as the Mile High stadium, but it is currently called Empower Field after they sold their rights. 

Denver is also home to the Nuggets (NBA), Rockies (MLB), and Flames (NHL). 

Booming Economy

Since there are many high-paying jobs in Denver, the economy is booming. However, there is some competition to obtain a high-quality, high-paying job. The median income in Denver is $40,997, which is less than the national average. 

While you might make more than enough money at your job in Denver, you may still have difficulty covering rent or mortgage costs. Nonetheless, the economy is still booming in Denver and you will likely find a quality job that pays well.

Abundant Sunshine

One of the best pros about living in Denver is the abundant sunshine. The metro Denver region has a four-season environment with nearly 300 days of sunshine per year with mild temperatures. 

You will even experience full sunshine during the winter, which makes skiing much more enjoyable. In the summer, the weather is not humid, making the weather in Denver delightful.

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Thriving Food Scene

Denver’s food scene is thriving, another of the best reasons to move to Denver. The more food entrepreneurs and the young population move in; the more restaurants will continue to expand and become more desirable. 

Also, Denver has some of the country’s most extensive craft beer scenes, with over 150 craft breweries in the city. Denver is known for Colorado lamb, green chile, Mexican cuisine, craft beer, and Palisade peaches.

Why Not to Move to Denver: The Cons

While there are many perks of moving to the Mile High city, there are also some cons of moving to Denver, Colorado.

Increasing Cost of Living

The cost of living in Denver has been rapidly rising throughout recent years. While living in Denver is less expensive than living in Boston or Los Angeles. It is still costly compared to other big cities. 

Housing costs have risen, which can become an issue if they continue to increase. Even with a high-paying job, it can be challenging to keep up with paying rent or your mortgage. The average cost of a home in denver is $530,000, which is well above the national average. 

Bad Traffic

If you are traveling within the city, traffic is bearable. However, if you are traveling outside of the city and into the suburbs, you might be stuck in traffic for over an hour. 

This can make getting to and from work more accessible if you drive, especially during rush hour. Since Denver has such bad traffic, many use the public transit system or carpool lanes. 


Denver is Landlocked

Denver is landlocked, which means that there is no body of water near it. The quickest way to get to an ocean is to take an airplane to the California coast. If you are into water sports, there may be better choices than moving to Denver. 

However, there are still plenty of lakes and rivers throughout the city where you can enjoy canoeing or kayaking. If you are into surfing, you will have to make some frequent trips to California to get your fix.

High Elevation

When relocating to Denver, many people must realize that the city is 5,280 feet above sea level. Therefore, Denver is considered a high elevation and can cause you to become dehydrated without noticing. When moving across the country to Denver, you will likely notice how the elevation makes you feel pretty quick.

The dry air can also cause you to have a stuffy nose. When moving to Denver, CO, you should always invest in a humidifier and keep a water bottle nearby. You can also get out of breath more quickly than usual due to the higher elevation, so you can become winded after walking at an average pace. 

Sidewalks and Streets Do Not Get Plowed

Denver gets a decent amount of snow each winter, measuring around 56 inches annually. When wondering why to move to Denver, the lack of plowing the streets and sidewalks can be a huge con. 

If you are planning on leaving Denver the day it snows, you will most likely not be able to. The highways aren’t even plowed and often become shut down when it snows. You will have difficulty walking anywhere when snow is up to your knees, and the roads aren’t salted. 

LoDo Denver

Best Neighborhoods for Living in Denver 

When considering relocation to Denver, you should know the best neighborhoods. 

RiNo (River North Art District)

RiNo is one of the best neighborhoods in Denver for students, the young population, and those who love nightlife. It’s a great place to enjoy nightlife. While that could be a con, most people want the authenticity that RiNo delivers.

Washington Park

Washington Park is an excellent choice for families moving to Denver. It is a quiet and safe neighborhood in the southern half of Denver. Many single-family homes, townhouses, grocery stores, and coffee shops exist. There are multiple biking trails, basketball courts, and volleyball nets. 

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill is great for those moving to Denver looking for affordable Victorian-era homes. Many of the buildings in Capitol Hill are late Victorian-era mansions that have been converted into condos, apartments, or townhouses. It is located in the center of Denver, with lots of greenage. 

One drawback of living in Capitol Hill can be limited parking, as finding street parking can be difficult. Rent on Capitol Hill is affordable, and the neighborhood offers excellent curb appeal.

LoDo (Lower Downtown)

Lodo is a great neighborhood for those moving to Denver that enjoy big-city living. This historic neighborhood is located right in the center of Denver’s action. It features many attractions, such as Coors Field, Union Station, Larimer Square, and Dairy Block. 

LoDo has many modern condos and apartments, but they can be pricey to afford. You will need to know what size moving truck you need to live in LoDo, as condos are typically small. Therefore, you may only be able to take some of your belongings.

Climate in Denver

The summers in Denver are hot and sunny, and the winters and old and snowy. Throughout the four seasons, the average temperature ranges from 22 degrees Fahrenheit to 89 degrees Fahrenheit. 

It is infrequent for it to get colder than 6 degrees and hotter than 96 degrees. It is sunny for 300 days out of the year and typically gets about 56 inches of snow yearly. Denver does not see much rain; they usually only get about 8 to 15 inches annually

Job Market in Denver

Denver has one of the best job markets in the county, as the economy is vibrant and healthy. Unemployment is lower than the national average, and various high-paying jobs are available. 

There is an innovative business climate with numerous tech-based startups. In Denver, many skilled talents work in the knowledge, science, and industrial economy. Various job opportunities, a unique culture, and a strong work-life balance focus.

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Culture in Denver

Denver has a lot of culture when compared to other cities. Denver is heavily focused on sports and the outdoors. Denver is home to world-class museums, historical landmarks, and breweries for those not interested in sports or the outdoors. 

There are various types of restaurants for every culture. Whether you are looking for pizza, green chili, palisade peaches, lamb, or sweet corn, Denver has it.

Should I Move to Denver?

Denver has so much to offer. There are both pros and cons of moving to Denver, but the good mostly outweighs the bad. Between the great weather, the sports, the laid-back culture, and the booming economy, Denver can be a great place to call home. 

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