The 4 Best One Way Cargo Trailer Rental Companies Reviewed

A cargo trailer is an enclosed trailer that protects your belongings during a move. It can help protect your important items from road debris, sun, rain, dust, snow, and anything else you may encounter during your travels.

Cargo trailers can carry up to 2500 pounds so whether you’re moving a small one bedroom or a larger home, you will have enough room to carry many items. 

If you are looking for more information on the best cargo trailer rental companies, these are the four best companies that can help with your move.

Moving Trailer Rental Companies 

These are the ten best moving trailer rental companies that offer one way cargo trailer rental services.

one way cargo trailer rental - uhaul


Best Overall


  • Many size options
  • Affordable prices
  • Wide availability


  • Tendency to add on hidden fees

U-Haul offers one way trailer rentals as an a la carte service. This means you can rent the trailer without needing to rent a moving truck or get a tow dolly. Since U-Haul allows their customers to rent a one way cargo trailer without having to purchase anything else, this sets them apart from their competitors. 

U-Haul offers multiple trailer options for your cargo trailer, which is way more than most rental companies. You should be careful of hidden fees with U-Haul, though, as U-Haul tends to charge additional costs that you may not be aware of. 

U-Haul cargo trailers have doors that can lock to keep your belongings safe from theft and falling out of the trailer. Their cargo trailers come in 4 x 8, 5 x 8, 5 x 10, and 6 x 12. Their trailer sizes range to help accommodate you based on your weight limit, what you are moving, and if you are traveling long or short distances. 

one way cargo trailer rental - 1800 packrat

1-800 Pack Rat

Best for Price Matching


  • Matches the price of PODS
  • Trailers are durable and made of steel
  • Offers protection for long-distance moves


  • Only available in 30 states

1-800 Pack Rat offers one way cargo trailer rentals for both local and long-distance moves. They offer some of the most robust and most durable cargo trailers, which will match the price of PODS. The only downside of 1-800 Pack Rat is that it is only available in 30 states. 

Their cargo trailers are made of steel and have 24/7 storage surveillance if you use their storage services. 1-800 Pack Rat offers four options of cargo trailers for you to choose from, and you can store it at your home, at their warehouse, ship it long distance, or ship the trailer locally. 

They also offer packing and unpacking services to help load and unload your cargo trailer. 1-800 Pack Rat enables you to mix and match your containers to ensure you get the right-sized container for your move. Overall, 1-800 Pack Rat is affordable and accommodating.

one way cargo trailer rental - budget


Most Affordable


  • Offers the most affordable rates
  • Various discounts available
  • Rates are less for local moves


  • A cargo trailer can only be rented with an existing moving truck reservation.

Budget is one of the best moving trailer rental companies if you are on a budget. The name gives it away, as it is a budget trailer rental. Budget is the best company to go with if you are on a tight budget and are conscious of how much you can spend for your move. 

Budget only allows you to rent your cargo trailer if you have an existing moving ruck reservation. Still, they have some incredible discounts available to help lower the overall cost of your move. Budget’s rates are even lower if you are moving locally. 

Their cargo trailers are only available for one way moves, which is usually the case when someone rents a trailer. Budget has the most affordable rates and the best discounts compared to other trailer rental services.

one way cargo trailer rental - penske


Best customer service


  • Excellent customer service and transparency
  • Nationwide availability
  • Easy online reservations


  • You must rent a moving truck to get a cargo trailer.

Penske is a one way cargo trailer rental company with some of the best customer service and transparency. Penske does not beat around the bush, as they are open and honest about their prices and services. They guarantee reservations for your cargo trailer, a feature many moving companies need to participate in. 

The only issue with Penske is that you must rent a Penske moving truck to tow a cargo trailer. You cannot just rent the cardo trailer by itself, and it is a package deal with a moving truck. Penske offers auto transport trailer rental with a three-point system to keep your vehicle secure and in place during the move. 

How to Choose a Moving Trailer Rental Company

If you plan a DIY move, you are familiar with your options. You can rent a moving truck, cargo trailer, or freight trailer. While the more extensive options might be best suited for significant moves, cargo trailer rentals for one-way moves are an excellent option for smaller moves


One of the first things you can do is to look into the prices of the cargo trailer moving company. Some moving trailer companies are more affordable than others, and some even offer discounts for veterans, seniors, or students. 

Good Reviews

Reading the reviews is essential to help determine which moving trailer company you use. Most customers write honest reviews of their experience. Reviews are helpful because they help you determine if the company is reliable and if other customers are satisfied with their experience.

Multiple Sizes of Cargo Trailers

A good moving trailer company should offer multiple sizes of cargo trailers. The trailer size depends on how many goods you need to move. 

Offers Long and Short Distance

Before making a decision, you should be sure that the moving cargo trailer company offers short and long-distance services. The cargo trailer rental company should provide local and long-distance services, so you don’t get stuck paying extra for not staying within local limits.

one way cargo trailer rental uhaul


These are some frequently asked questions regarding one way cargo trailer rentals.

What can fit into a 6 x 12 cargo trailer?

A 6 x 12 cargo moving trailer can hold up to 2500 pounds. It can fit several rooms of furniture, other bulky items, and even a piano. 

What happens if you don’t bring your moving trailer back in time?

Many moving trailer companies will charge you a fee each day your trailer is returned late. For example, U-Haul charges $20 daily if your cargo trailer is returned late.

What can fit into a 4 x 8 cargo trailer?

A 4 x 8 cargo trailer can fit household items like kitchen furniture, loveseats, children’s beds, and other things that are not too large. 

Can a bed fit into a 5 x 8 trailer?

A 5 x 8 trailer can hold up to 1800 pounds. You can fit a queen-sized bed in a 5 x 8 cargo trailer.


If you need a one way cargo trailer rental for your move, consider renting your cargo trailer through one of these four best moving trailer rental companies. 

Using a moving app like Agoyu can help you find and compare the prices and reviews of moving trailer companies in your area. Check out the Agoyu app today to get started.

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