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How to Move a Hot Tub: Do it the Right Way!

If you are wondering how to move a hot tub, chances are you are moving to a new home. Moving is already stressful, and adding moving a hot tub to the list of things to do makes it more stressful. Hot tubs can be extremely heavy, especially if you don’t have a lot of help. […]

where to live in nyc in your 20's

The Best Neighborhoods to Live in NYC in Your 20’s

It can be rather difficult to consider where to live in NYC in your 20s. New York City has an unmatched energy that you really can’t find anywhere else. Between the fast paced lifestyle and the 24-hour attitude, NYC has a lot to offer. Once you settle on the Big Apple as your destination, you’ll […]

Moving from California to Florida

Costs & Benefits to Consider Before Moving From California to Florida

From the center of each state, California and Florida are 2,705 miles apart. Despite being thousands of miles apart, locations of each state have surprisingly similar climates and attractions. Yet, people are flocking to Florida from California for several reasons. Perhaps you are considering this cross-country move; after reading this article, you will better understand […]