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What is Agoyu?

Here is a fact – many moving businesses are still using paper-based processes and legacy systems for managing and estimating your move.

Using outdated systems for managing your move can lead to errors that waste a lot of time and money. And even if the effect is minimal, in a competitive market, small things matter. They add up over time.

Compare that with the advantages of using advanced moving-solutions software like Agoyu. Consider Agoyu as an AI-powered marketplace that helps you get exact mover pricing.

In a few simple steps, the Agoyu app provides accurate estimates that help you pick the best moving services. 

All you need to do is fill out an online form, and you can compare movers and pick specific services that match your budget. Plus, this process makes it easier for the moving companies to manage the business.

Long before artificial intelligence started appearing everywhere, we at Agoyu believed that it could be the next best thing for the moving business. We realized that using AI in the moving industry will bring about enhanced customer interactions and the planning of optimal delivery paths. 

In truth, the moving industry is resistant to changes. However, we incorporated AI-based analysis in our app to improve efficiency and reduce friction points. And we ensured that our AI technology remains benign, reliable, and super efficient at all times.

So how did we enhance productivity with AI?

Our AI-infused system works under the layer to make the booking of a move simpler. One of our offerings is possessions measurement through AI-based visual analysis. The app will scan a room through videos and images and identify all the items present for weight and size estimation.

That means, no need for time-consuming tasks like home visits for moving weight estimations. With the help of AI and proprietary algorithms, we ensure accurate weight estimates, ideal packing solutions, and realistic quotes.

Agoyu creates an environment where choosing the right mover is no longer a stressful experience. You can compare costs from multiple vendors and pick the best service provider without having to worry about overstepping your budget limitations. With the moving companies focusing on competitive pricing, you stand to gain more value from the service.

Once you have made your choice, send us the moving details and your contact information. We will send you a confirmation number for the move. Now, you can sit back and relax. The moving company will contact you with the next steps for finalizing the process. 

Note that Agoyu partners with movers who provide real-time tracking of the move. That allows you to constantly track to progress of the moving truck toward the destination.

The best part is- the Agoyu app is completely free! Simply download it and start taking full advantage of the AI-powered interface.

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5 Benefits of Agoyu for Moving Companies

Our all-in-one platform helps mobility professionals in multiple ways. Take a look.

  • Our proprietary technology helps in compiling a catalog of items with minimal errors. With Agoyu, quote estimations by using Cube Sheets are a thing of the past. This technology helps companies to assess transportation requirements and packing needs accurately. Any special methods needed for transporting delicate items are identified too. This enables cost-cutting during storage and transportation.
  • AI-enabled virtual assistants can help in customer service by handling queries and providing real-time support. This allows companies to automate low-value tasks and engage the resources to perform more meaningful tasks.
  • Based on the visual inputs, a moving company can plan to send the right crew for the right job. Since the moving crew remains better organized, making updates in case the situation changes is easier.
  • Companies can deliver hyper-personalized services to customers based on their belongings, location, and preferences. When tailored to meet individual needs, the moving princess becomes smoother.
  • The overall time-saving ensures significant productivity gains for the companies and helps them to remain competitive. Beyond higher return on investments, they also deliver better customer satisfaction.

5 Benefits of Agoyu for Movers

Here are some ways in which Agoyu benefits the movers.

  • The app provides you with easy access to the best moving companies available nationwide. In addition, you can compare their offers for your move.
  • Easy and accurate moving cost estimations are available at your fingertips, free of cost. Our initial estimates are around 90% accurate and more reliable than the “not-to-exceed” pricing offered by some sites.
  • The platform allows movers to bid on your move. This helps drive the prices down.
  • You can browse through the public profiles of every moving company registered with Aogoyu on the website. This allows you to learn more about them and make an informed choice. 
  • While using AI to enhance customer experience, we have not overlooked the need for human touch. We ensure human interaction at critical stages of the moving process for a smoother relocation.

Tech You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Packing up everything and heading to a new location is a difficult task. For a moving company software, winning the trust of families or businesses who are making the move is tougher.

However, the Agoyu team decided to meet that challenge by pioneering AI technology in the moving business. Our easy-to-use platform meets the evolving demands of the industry by being the one-stop moving solution for customers. 

The revolutionary AI-powered app enables you to experience a stress-free move by providing precise moving estimates. Whether you want the best app for moving furniture or your car, our tech delivers honest prices for you.

AI-backed moving solutions offer a competitive edge to businesses that are eager to offer hassle-free moving services. As the moving industry heads further into an AI-driven era, Agoyu remains at the forefront by offering technology that is ahead of the curve. 

How Agoyu AI Technology Prevents Moving Scams

Agouyu also ensures that the process of getting moving quotes online is well-founded. It is not unusual for fraudulent moving companies to provide fake credentials and overcharge you through a non-binding estimate. Even worse, imagine a moving company loading your belongings in their truck and disappearing. 

This makes it necessary to choose reputed movers and read through the fine lines of non-binding estimates. And Agoyu supports you with that through every step of the moving journey.

Every moving company listed on the Agoyu app is vetted and only the reputed companies are allowed to join. Besides, AI can adapt to evolving fraud patterns by detecting anomalies in the captured data. 

Moreover, we believe in delivering transparent information in real-time. One reason that Agoyu is considered among the best moving apps on the market is the fact that we have earned the trust of the customers.

Final Thoughts

Quite simply, integrating AI is a crucial step that every top-end moving company software needs to take to boost profitability. The Agoyu team has embraced this change and is ready to usher in a new era of AI revolution in the moving industry.

As our interactions with AI become more personalized in the coming days, we will keep advancing the Agoyu app to ensure the best service for our customers. 

For us, it is not just about being the best moving company software. It means staying the best by installing new strengths and patching weaknesses at every step.

Bill Mulholland

Bill Mulholland is the owner of ARC Relocation, a company that relocates thousands of employees annually, to every state in the United States, and more than 90 foreign countries, for organizations like DHL,, GNC, and the U.S. Government. Bill also owns a real estate brokerage and title company in Virginia.