Best Car Shipping Companies

The 6 Best Car Shipping Company Choices Reviewed

Choosing the best car shipping company can be tricky since there are a number of options and they’re all pretty similar. When looking through the best car shipping companies, there are minor aspects that set companies apart from the rest. 

It is essential to check for companies that offer reasonable pricing, excellent customer service, discounts, broker services, moving quotes, and websites with helpful information. 

We have reviewed the 6 best national car shipping companies to make it easier for you to narrow it down to a company that best suits your needs.

nexus car shipping company

1. Nexus Auto Transport

Best Overall



  • Has not been in business very long

Nexus Auto Transport is the top choice for the best car shipping company. They were established in Chicago, Illinois, in 2016, making them somewhat new to the car shipping industry. 

Compared to other car shipping companies, Nexus Auto Transport has a very easy-to-use website that offers a lot of helpful information, such as quotes and access to an extensive network of car movers. Their online quote process is simple, and they do not require a reservation to start your car shipping process. 

Once you reserve a spot to ship your car, Nexus will reach out to their car movers and choose one that best fits your needs, working around your schedule. When your vehicle reaches its destination, you will have the opportunity to check your car for any damage. However, the likelihood of your car getting damaged is low since Nexus is typically reliable with car shipping. 

You can pay the balance you owe for the shipment to your driver. Nexus Auto Transport offers multiple shipping options to choose the best for your budget. Their options include reliable budget open containers and premium closed containers, with the fastest available options. 

autostar car shipping company

2. AutoStar Transport Express

Best Customer Service


  • Excellent customer service
  • Ships cars nationwide
  • Website is informative
  • Real-time vehicle tracking


  • A small network of carriers compared to other car shipping companies
  • Expensive compared to other competitors

AutoStar Transport Express is the best car shipping company for excellent customer service. AutoStar takes customers’ satisfaction very seriously and does its best to ensure they are well taken care of. Their customer service team is friendly and dedicated to making your experience with AutoStar positive. 

Some highlights of their customer service include door-to-door pickup and delivery, no upfront payment is required, their representatives are available by email and phone, real-time car tracking updates, and a full money-back guarantee if they cannot ship your vehicle within your timeframe. 

AutoStar Transport Express also ships motorcycles, boats, classic cars, and exotic cars across the entire United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Compared to its competitors, AutoStar has a small network of carriers for car shipping but will still ensure the job gets done because they work with the best of the best. 

They can also be more expensive than their competitors due to their excellent customer service and reliability. 

fidelity car shipping company

3. Fidelity Auto Shipping

Best Broker


  • Offers national and international car shipping services
  • Wide network of carriers
  • Handles customs paperwork
  • Various shipping services are available


  • They do not offer instant online quotes
  • Since there are so many carriers, the quality of the service can vary

Fidelity Auto Shipping is the best broker among many reputable car shipping companies. They are widely available nationwide and internationally. They offer yacht and boat shipping and online booking. 

Their national and international shipping capabilities differentiate Fidelity Auto Shipping from its competitors. You can put your information on their website to request a quote, but it is not instant. Fidelity will call you or email you to plan your car shipment. 

Another perk that sets Fidelity apart from its competitors is that they handle customs paperwork needed for an international move, making it less stressful for you. You will be given at least a three-hour notice before your vehicle shipment pickup, and you and the driver will inspect your car to ensure it is in good condition before it is shipped. 

The carrier will deliver your car to you, and you will need to sign some simple paperwork to complete your shipment. They have many carriers, which can make the quality of service differ from carrier to carrier. Overall, Fidelity Auto Shipment is the best broker, reliable, and one of the few auto shipping companies capable of coordinating an international move.

montway car shipping company

4. Montway Auto Transport

Easiest Quote Process


  • Instant and easy online quotes
  • Several car shipping services available
  • No upfront payment is necessary
  • Pickup dates are guaranteed


  • No online GPS tracking
  • There are cancelation fees if you cancel after the carrier is assigned

Montway Auto Transport is the best car shipping company that offers easy and transparent online quotes. Montway makes it easy to book your car shipment with them, as their online quote process is straightforward on their website. 

When you request a quote for your car shipment, Montway provides a breakdown of your costs, including insurance, distance, dates available, type of service, price, and transit time. 

The quote also includes the regular price versus a discounted cash price. Montway offers instructions for how to book your vehicle shipment, and you do not need to pay for your shipment until it is scheduled and a carrier is secured. Montway Auto Transport also has a guaranteed pickup date to make planning your move easier. 

While they do not offer GPS tracking, you can contact customer service during your car shipment to get a status update. It is free to cancel your car shipment if a carrier has not yet been assigned. 

However, if a carrier has already been assigned, there is a cancellation fee. Montway has one of the best car shipping services because of its simple quote process, reputation, abundance of services offered, and reasonable pricing.

amerifreight car shipping company

5. AmeriFreight

Best Discounts


  • Offers the best discounts
  • Great reviews
  • Ships cars nationwide
  • Offers instant online quotes


  • No GPS tracking

AmeriFreight is the best car moving company with the best discounts. AmeriFreight offers excellent savings to active duty military personnel, first responders, students, health care workers, early birds, returning customers, senior citizens, and those with multiple vehicles. They also provide detailed information on their website regarding each discount.  

AmeriFreight has excellent customer reviews and ships cars to all 50 US states. They offer many services, such as open auto transport, enclosed auto transport, classic and exotic car shipping, cross-country car shipping, boat and motorcycle shipping, door-to-door car shopping, and terminal-to-terminal shipping. 

They do not require an upfront payment until a carrier is secured for your move, and they offer comprehensive shipping protection for your vehicle. There is no GPS tracking available, but you can check with customer service during your shipment to check the status of your car. 

sherpa car shipping company

6. Sherpa Auto Transport

Guaranteed Rates


  • Best car shipping rates
  • Offers free car wash
  • Great customer service


  • Only ships within 48 US states, not including Hawaii and Alaska

Sherpa Auto Transport is the best vehicle shipping company with exceptional guaranteed rates. Sherpa guarantees your price of up to $300 to ensure accurate pricing. 

Once you receive a quote from Sherpa, the price is locked in. You will not be surprised by hidden fees or additional charges. Sherpa offers a free car wash to their customers through their Clean Car Guarantee. They have excellent customer service and good reviews. 

Sherpa also keeps an internal list of carriers who do not receive good ratings. The carriers who start getting bad ratings get let go, as Sherpa wants their customers only to receive good service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some common frequently asked questions regarding car shipping services.

Can I ship my car if it is inoperable?

You can ship your car if it is inoperable, but most car shipping companies will charge you an additional fee.

Do all car shipping companies want an upfront payment?

Not all car shipping companies ask for an upfront payment, but some do once a carrier has been secured. With most car shipping companies, you will likely need to put down a deposit to reserve your spot on the truck.

How early do I need to book a car shipment?

It is preferred by most car shipping companies to book your shipment at least one week in advance. You may need to book earlier than a week beforehand if you choose an enclosed carrier versus an open carrier, as open carriers are usually more readily available.

Are larger cars more expensive to ship?

Larger cars are more expensive to ship because your car’s size and weight affect the shipping price. Typically, larger vehicles are more costly to ship than smaller vehicles.

Final Thoughts

While it can be challenging to choose the best car shipping company, narrowing it down to a few companies with the best offer helps make the decision a bit easier. A moving app, like Agoyu, can help you find the best car shipping company at an affordable rate. 

Ensuring you choose the best car shipping service and moving company can make your move run more smoothly, so it is essential to research and use a dedicated app to help make the process easier.

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