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International Van Lines Reviews: Is International Van Lines a Good Moving Company?

Whether you are planning for a long-distance move or shifting abroad, the process can get extremely stressful without support from a reliable moving company.

If you check the list of the best moving companies in the US, International Van Lines moving company is a name you will find at the top end of the list. The company’s solid reputation in the relocation marketplace is a result of its wide range of moving services along with excellent service and support 

In this International Van Lines review, we look at the various aspects of the brand with a closer look at the costs and services they offer.

What Is International Van Lines?

International Van Lines, also termed IVL, is a national and international moving company. It offers relocation services for cross-country as well as international moves. 

Established in 2020, IVL has grown into one of the top moving companies in the past two decades. Presently, IVL handles around 10,000 moves per year, the majority of them being long-distance domestic moves.

IVL Moving Services 

Here is a closer look at the various services offered by IVL.

Local and Long-distance Moving

IVL executes moves both within and beyond the state boundaries. Their team can handle every step of the work starting from disassembly, packing, loading, and finally, reassembly. Every item is professionally packed and a full inventory list is maintained to keep track of each item.

Their moving services also include long and short-term storage in transit options. IVL uses fully secured warehouses with a temperature-controlled environment.

International Moving 

Finding a reliable mover for an international move can be a tough task. Considering that IVL is certified by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC), it is a brand that you can trust.

IVL offers both air and ocean freight services. However, around 90% of overseas moves handled by the brand are through ocean freight. 

The company will also handle the packing, loading, and customs clearance of the items being moved. The best way is to get an empty container dropped at your location. After you have loaded the items in it, IVL will pick the container up. 

You can choose from door-to-door and door-to-port international moving services. Depending on the size of the move you can use a full container load (FCL) or a less-than-container (LCL). Storage and warehousing services are also offered in both origin and destination locations.

Additional Services

IVL specializes in corporate relocation services. The company can customize a corporate relocation plan based on the specific requirements of the employees. It also plans and executes office moves and is a US Department of Transportation licensed office mover.

In addition, IVL offers overseas vehicle shipping services and is licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission. International car shipping is a complex process that requires you to learn about foreign customs regulations and laws. So, it makes sense to take the support of a reliable brand like IVL.

What Does International Van Lines Cost?

A big plus of International Van Lines is its transparent and competitive pricing model. If you are wondering about how to move to another state, the company has excellent customer service to answer all your queries.

Based on the size of the move, you can pick full-load containers which are available in 20 and 40-foot options. The 40-foot box is also available in the “high cube” option which has slightly different dimensions. In general, the cost of a 20-foot container can be between $1300 to $1500. A 40-foot container will cost between $1400 to $1800.

If you want to move only a few items, it is best to choose the less-than-container (LCL) service. The price for 100 cubic feet of LCL shipment is between $500 to $700.

For two-bedroom or larger homes, choosing a full-load container is the best option. The average cost for door-to-door moves to destinations in Europe or Asia can be between $4,500- $7,000 for two-bedroom homes.

When it comes to air freight, the charges depend on the volume of the items in cubic feet or the volumetric weight. Air freight charges can be double or even more than that of ocean freight. If you are moving on a budget, this is not the right option.

Keep in mind, the pricing depends on various factors unique to every move. That makes it hard for any moving company to provide an accurate estimate without going into the details. So, there can be additional moving charges in the final invoice depending on your unique conditions.

Cost Factors for Long-Distance Moves

Long-distance moves are more expensive as there are costs related to gas prices, tolls, and compensation for the drivers. Here are a few factors that affect the costs of long-distance moves.

  • The larger the size of your belongings, the higher will be the packing and travel costs. Costs related to moving supplies like cardboard boxes, packing paper, and bubble wrap will also rise.
  • The longer the travel distance, the higher will be the fuel and labor costs.
  • The date of your move can have a big impact on the price. The prices vary based on the peak and off seasons. Besides, a weekend or a month-end move will cost more.
  • There will be add-on costs if you need to move special items. Services like furniture disassembling and reassembling will attract extra charges.

Pricing for Local Moves

The charges for local moves within the state will depend on the size of the move. IVL determines the final charges on an hourly basis. 

The rates will also depend on the number of movers being used. For example, the hourly rate for 3 movers is $150, while the same for 4 movers is $200. The rates will be higher if you require full packing for the items.

International Move Cost Factors 

The cost factors for international moves will depend not only on your home size and the move distance but on a few other factors as well. Primarily, the IVL local moving charges are based on the size of the move. But it also depends on other factors like the hours involved, the number of personnel required, and the services required. 

Note, self-packing, and unpacking will help you to save money when moving. But if you are not confident, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Besides, professional packing will also allow you to get insurance coverage on individual items.

Weight and Volume

The weight of the items and the volume being moved are the most important factors that will impact the cost. Heavier goods will occupy a larger volume and will need a larger truck for transportation. More items will also require a larger shipping container.

Besides, the number of personnel required for moving heavier goods will also be more. Additionally, moving fragile and restricted items will attract higher charges.


The second most important factor is the distance of the move. Moving from the US to Canada will be less expensive than moving from the US to Australia. The costs will also depend on whether you are choosing door-to-door or door-to-port services.


Quite simply, if you need to relocate quickly you will have to pay more. Air freight shipments are the quickest, but your costs will escalate. Also, with door-to-door shipping, the costs will be higher.

Included Services

With IVL, the moving costs will include the packing charges as per international requirements and insurance. You will have to pay extra for the handling of fragile items, customs clearance, and unloading of the items at the destination.

IVL Availability

The services of IVL are available in all 50 US states. IVL operates in over 140 international destinations and arranges both air freight and ocean freight. 

Note, the company works both as a carrier and a broker. It has its own truck fleet and trained personnel for operating directly in states where it is authorized by the Department of Transportation (DOT). For providing services in other states, it works as a broker and partners with local companies.

How to Get a Quote from International Van Lines

To get a free instant estimate, you need to submit the details of your move to the IVL website. The process is super fast and free.

form for ivl

Additionally, you can either call International Van Lines or make use of the chat feature on their website. The IVL website has a National Moving Cost Calculator that provides you with a ballpark estimate for long-distance moves.

Initial quotes are based on in-home walkthroughs and an inventory list. Virtual surveys are also available. You can discuss the details with an IVL client specialist to get the final estimate

Admittedly, getting an initial quote for IVL moving services takes more time than some of the other brands. But once the final estimation is complete, you will have more accurate numbers.

How Book IVL for Your Move

Once you receive a quote and agree to go ahead with the move, IVL will assign an account representative who will coordinate the process. You will need to pay around 25% of the quote upfront to reserve the services. The rest of the payment is done in equal installments during the moving process.

International Van Lines Pros

  • Professional services for all types of moves
  • Customized moving plans
  • Deposits are refundable before 48 hours of the scheduled pickup
  • Affordable rates for large-scale moves

International Van Lines Cons

  • Requires an initial deposit
  • You may have to work through a brokerage company in some states


Does International Van Lines have storage options?

Yes, IVL offers both long and short-term storage options. It also offers free storage for the first month.

Does IVL offer insurance coverage for household goods?

You can buy moving insurance separately from IVL. Based on the valuation of the household goods, you can pick a plan that covers all the risks. Separate insurance for high-value items can also be arranged. In case you do not purchase insurance, IVL provides a limited liability coverage amounting to 60 cents per pound per article.

Is IVL a broker?

IVL does not provide its services directly in some states. So they subcontract the moves to other brands while coordinating the entire process.

What is the IVL cancellation policy?

IVL makes a full refund of the deposit if you cancel a scheduled move within 48 hours of the pickup time.


All in all, International Van Lines is a reliable option for a wide range of moves. Besides, they are a certified moving carrier and can be trusted to handle your relocation in the best possible manner.

If you check the International Van Lines reviews, you will find that the brand has its shortcomings. Admittedly, it is not the best option when you are looking for a moving company for tight budgets

At the same time, the company has a proven track record for solid reliability and excellent customer service. Overall, we think it is a great choice, especially for large-scale and long-distance moves.

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