How to Get Moving Quotes Online: Simple and Easy with Agoyu

Moving to a new location can be a stressful experience. To make sure that everything goes smoothly during the process you need to hire a top-grade mover. But what if you don’t have the time to contact multiple companies and pick the best rates? Then again, how do you find out which movers are reliable?

That’s why getting online moving quotes from the best movers can make the entire process simple and easy. When you use a platform like Agoyu, you get connected with the best moving organizations which are nationally accredited. That way, you can book the right company that fits your exact needs and budget.

This article will tell you more about the process and offer some tips for booking the right moving company.

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Tips for Hiring the Right Company For Moving

The biggest advantage of hiring a moving company is you don’t have to take the stress of managing everything on the moving date. The right company can conduct the entire process smoothly and save you time and energy. They can guide you through every step, right from the moment when you first start packing, and help you every step of the way including packing shoes or even valuable heirlooms.

Just getting an online moving quote isn’t enough for choosing the best moving company. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind while choosing one.

  • It’s always important to engage in some research before choosing a moving company. Looking for recommendations is the right thing to do while shortlisting companies. You can ask your friends and co-workers for suggestions. Also, ask any mover you contact with for references. Call these customers and ask about their experiences. Since moving scams aren’t uncommon, you need to pick a company from a reliable source. You can also check company profiles through the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • Make sure to mention everything that is to be moved to the mover. In case there are any special conditions or limitations during the process, share that. For example, your new home may not have the necessary parking space for a moving truck. Or else, there might be additional stairs to climb before reaching your new apartment. Getting the details right will ensure that you are not faced with extra charges that push the overall costs much above the initial estimate.
  • Getting the right insurance for all your belongings when they are on the road is a must.  Discuss the details of the liability coverage offered by the company. If the distance is too long, think of getting moving or relocation insurance. If you want the mover to reimburse you for any damages during the move, you will have to pay them to get the items packed in the right manner. While packing books or clothes may not need much care, there are some items that need special packing by experienced hands to prevent damage.
  • Some companies can offer rock-bottom prices to make their offer look tempting. But the experience and reliability of movers matter a lot. Without a professional company and an experienced team, your moving experience can get even more stressful.
  • Ideally, you should get three to four moving quotes from different companies. This will help you to get an idea of the costs and also allow you to adjust your budget if needed. 

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Online Moving Quotes From Agoyu

Agoyu helps you to get an estimate for moving through a few simple steps, without having to contact individual moving companies. This is done by using a custom weight calculator and the rates provided by the companies to calculate pricing. What’s more, the entire process is intuitive and can be used easily by anyone.

If you know the exact weight of your shipment, you can use it directly in the weight calculator. If not, the weight calculator template allows you to determine the weight as accurately as possible. Another way is by using the Agoyu app. Through the app, you can capture the items you want to ship in a video. The app uses artificial intelligence to analyze the content and determine the exact weight. At the same time, you also provide your origin and destination address.

This weight and the shipment data are placed against the rates provided by the top moving companies to give you a price estimate. To help you make the best choice, we have created a public profile of both local and national moving companies. These company profiles include the experience, service history, along with reviews and ratings from past users. This information allows you to make an informed choice by comparing the performances of various companies and their costs.

After choosing the company that matches your budget, you will need to provide the exact destination address. Also, you have to specify the details regarding the destination related to the delivery. Once you have confirmed the selection the process is complete and you will receive a confirmation number. The moving company will use it as a reference to get in touch within 48-72 business hours.

Above all, the entire process not only provides you with an instant online moving quote but is also completely free. We ensure that your contact information remains protected at all times. In addition, 5% of the moving costs that you pay, go to a cancer treatment foundation- one of the three foundations that Agoyu has partnered with.

Note, Agoyu is not an agent and does not arrange for the move. It is a technology platform that helps you to compare and choose the best options for transporting your household goods as per your judgment.

Factors Affecting Instant Moving Quotes

Here are some factors that will impact the quote that you receive from a moving company.

  • The total weight of the items that you are shifting is an important factor. In case you increase the shipment weight, the expenses are likely to go up. Be precise about the total weight and the number of boxes. 
  • The charge will depend on the distance between the origin and destination. The longer the distance, the higher the quote will be.
  • Labor charges vary depending on the company and also on the state. Generally, local moves are paid at an hourly rate. Interstate moves are more expensive and the overall labor cost is included in the quote
  • If you want the moving company to pack and unpack the items, there will be separate charges. Also, any disassembling and reassembling of furniture will have additional charges.
  • The mover usually offers a choice between two insurance coverage options. These are Full Value Protection and Released Value Protection. With Full Value Protection, you get more comprehensive coverage. In case any item is lost or damaged by the mover, you will be reimbursed with the current cash value of the item. Released Value Protection is a relatively basic option and there is a fixed coverage amount per pound of cargo. It’s included in the moving quote for free.
  • In case you want the moving company to arrange for the temporary storage of your shipment during or after the move, it will involve extra charges. Storage rates can vary depending on the mover.

In general, the free moving quote provided by Agoyu includes all the relevant charges. These are tariff costs, transportation charges, insurane surcharges, fuel surcharges, and other accessorial services. It also includes the miles traveled, any additional charges, and discounts applied if any.

By and large, the initial quote provided by Agoyu is around 90% accurate. There are various fees that a moving company may have depending on the nature of the move. It’s not possible to factor in all these through our calculator. We do not provide a “not-to-exceed” pricing by inflating the rate and including a buffer for these unforeseen expenses. 

We ensure that a surveyor from the selected company visits your home for an inspection after confirmation. Through this process, you can get an accurate quote for the move. 

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Estimating Third-Party Services While Moving

Many times, you may need a special service before moving. This may include disconnecting hazardous appliances or gas connections, preparing special utilities for installing specific appliances, or special packing of a high-value object. These services are beyond the scope of the moving company and will need the involvement of a third party.

To help you estimate the costs of these services, Agoyu also has a Third-Party Service Estimator. All you need to do is select the services that you need and we will provide the best possible estimates about the additional costs involved. These costs will have to be added to the instant online moving quote for the process.


Getting free online moving quotes while choosing the right company can help in making the process much easier for you.

If you’re looking to get an online moving quote, choose a reliable platform like Agoyu that allows you to estimate moving costs for all your household goods. In addition, you can also view and compare the pricing and services of the top movers in real-time. Also, Agoyu provides you with a hassle-free experience where you aren’t spammed by moving companies.

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