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Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Atlanta

Atlanta is a popular city, so it’s no surprise that it attracts the most people in Georgia. The city’s fame is well deserved, from its architectural beauty and highly recommended restaurants to its art, film, and music scene. 

Atlanta is a city rich with fun-filled activities even on normal days, so you can’t possibly imagine the buzz of this city during festivals. There will always be many to pick from, whether local art shows, family events, holiday season jamborees, or popular music and film festivals.

Aside from entertainment, Atlanta is home to many professional sports teams like the Atlanta Braves, Hawks, and Falcons. If you’re into sports and considering a cross-country move, you won’t be missing out if you’re moving to Atlanta. 

Overview of Living in Atlanta 

Atlanta is the capital city of Georgia. It has a little over 6 million residents. It is located in Fulton County, with a small portion spilling into DeKalb County. The city sits on 136.3 square miles of land area. It has a huge land mass, which causes its suburbs to be well dispersed.

Atlanta’s symbol is the phoenix rising from the flame. Representing the tenacity of a city that still became mega, even after the Union Army burned a substantial portion of it, led by William T. Sherman during the Civil War in 1864.

Atlanta has a lot of festivals each year with quite a diverse population bringing great food and tradition from all ends of the world. Atlanta is a mix of serene and boisterous, quiet parks and social clubs, bungalows, and high-rise buildings that decorate the city skyline. 

atlanta skyline

Pros and Cons of Living in Atlanta 

Understanding the pros and cons of living in Atlanta would help you make that informed decision. 

The Pros

Atlanta is a Fun City

There will always be a festival to experience; Atlanta is a city that has a sense of community; hence celebrations are paramount and often.

Employment Opportunities

Atlanta is a breeding ground for the entrepreneurial spirit because it’s an up and coming city. This is why both small and large-scale companies have thrived here and continue to do so. 

Atlanta has a Robust Entertainment Industry

Many areas in Atlanta have served as movie locations. Movies like The Avengers and TV series such as The Walking Dead and Stranger Things have been shot in a significant area of the Atlanta Metro. For music lovers, the Atlanta music scene is highly regarded and has given rise to artists like 21 Savage and T.I.

Living in Atlanta is Inexpensive

You would expect that with all Atlanta has to offer, living there will cost a lot. Nothing could be further from the truth. Living in this city is affordable. The average monthly cost of living in Atlanta is around $2,035, rent included. Add another thousand, and a family of four will be comfortable for a month.

There is a Provision for Outdoor Life 

An example of the provision is the Centennial Olympic Park which is open for family activities like picnics, games, and fun parties. 

AWARE Wildlife Center is another fun place to enjoy outdoor activities, and you can visit the animals during free periods on your lonesome or with friends and family.

Many other places, like breweries, parks, lakes, trails, and mountain ranges within a couple hours away will enrich your outdoor spirit.

The Cons

Atlanta’s Hot Summer 

The city can be hot during summer due to its humid subtropical climate, similar to Louisiana. Temperatures could reach 90 degrees and even go beyond that. Making the weather uncomfortable for most people.

The Dependability on Vehicles for Transportation 

The average individual in Atlanta has a car. The reason is plausible; Atlanta has a large land mass. Thereby reducing the compactness associated with most big cities. Hence, you might have to journey a great distance to get from point A to B. This means you may need to get a vehicle, especially if you’ll be doing a lot of moving around.

The Frustrating Traffic

Heavy traffic shouldn’t come as a surprise; high population plus an incentive for most individuals to get a car, is a recipe for congested roads. Atlanta residents’ major complaints have always been traffic.

Best Neighborhoods for Living in Atlanta 

Little Five Points in Candler Park and Inman Park

This is the commercial center of Candler Park and the Inman Park community. It is filled with varieties of small businesses such as taverns, coffee shops, restaurants, health and wellness centers, bars, indie shops, and vintage and thrift stores.

It is a busy place but includes tranquil places like bike trails, butterfly gardens, and parks. This neighborhood is very safe and affordable. It has the right mix of loud and quiet. Plus, it is surrounded by Candler and Inman Park, which are major places to live.


Decatur is six miles from Downtown Atlanta. One major advantage of staying in Decatur is the availability of the MARTA line. Since this area is on the MARTA line, you do not necessarily need to rely on other public transportation. 

This is one of the areas where not having a car is not problematic because the train covers long distances for you, and you can still enjoy the ease of walking to closer places. Other things Decatur offers include many wonderful restaurants and bars. 

Decatur is significantly quieter than Little Five Points, but you can find entertainment easily in art galleries, museums, and cultural centers. Decatur holds book festivals and art festivals, which are well known. Though these seem like low-key festivals, they are not so loud yet and are very interesting. 

From an economic standpoint, Decatur’s location is just pure gold, as you can enjoy great nightlife, education, safety, and beauty at an affordable cost.


Virginia-Highlands is north of Little Five Points. It is a family-raising neighborhood, and the sense of community is more here than in any other place mentioned. Perhaps because it is a small town disguised as a city or it is a city in a subdued, subtle way. 

Virginia-Highlands has many old beautiful bungalow-styled buildings, including Fire Station 19, built-in 1924. The area has many parks, cozy restaurants, boutiques, and the Plaza theater. Virginia Highlands is a great, stylish place to stay and much more affordable than similar places. 


Suppose you are on the east side of the east vs. west coast argument, then you’re welcome because Buckhead is about that fast-paced lifestyle. It is the shopping center of the entire district. This place has so many things going for it, and there’s only so much you can keep up with. 

There are many social clubs, trendy bars, big-name luxury shops, boutiques, and renowned cultural centers. It is a place of nonstop entertainment. It never sleeps, as the nights always seem to be a continuation of the day’s activities, although now, it is more entertaining. 

Despite all these, Buckhead has a calmer side to it, with parks and residential areas. Getting a house here is pricey, a single-family home at not less than $500,000. Apartments are the same; rent is on the high side. If you want to stay here, it will cost you more, but you will certainly get your money’s worth.

The Climate in Atlanta Georgia

Atlanta’s climate is humid subtropical, although it has mild and rainy winters. You should expect short cold spells, with rain and thunderstorms. During hot and muggy summers, there will be many hours of sunshine. 

The coldest month is January, and the warmest is July. The temperature takes a significant dip by October and continues to decrease till the beginning of the new year. So, if you are moving to Atlanta, prepare for the varying seasons.

Job Market in Atlanta 

Atlanta is an ideal business place; it contains the headquarters of major companies with tens of thousands of employees. It is an ideal hub with increasing start-ups and small businesses. 

With these many employment opportunities, getting a job should be easier in Atlanta. 

Atlanta’s average hourly wage for the past year was $28.42, while the national average hourly wage was $28.01. In 2022, the average annual salary in Atlanta is $70,696, meaning, on average, employees earn $34 per hour. 

The job market has expanded greatly. There are presently 26,492 business owners in Atlanta. 89.42% of the employment pool is white-collared employees, and the remaining 10.58% of the working population in Atlanta is blue-collar. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Moving to Atlanta

Is moving to Atlanta a good idea? 

Atlanta is a city that rose from the ashes and has a way of infusing its occupant with that mindset of progress, which is why so many businesses thrive there. Efforts and infrastructure has been put in place to make the city worth your time. 

How much does it cost to live comfortably in Atlanta?

Atlanta is inexpensive; on average, an individual will be comfortable enough budgeting $1100 monthly. This estimation does not include rent, which, depending on Atlanta’s location, could be as cheap as $1300. 

Is Atlanta safe? 

Atlanta crime rates are on a decrease, and most crimes are property crimes like break-ins and robberies. The crime rate is lower than the national average, and when compared to similarly sized cities, Atlanta fairs better. 

For example, Atlanta has a crime rate of 267.7, while Houston, Texas, is rated 558.8, which is higher than the national average. 

Final Thoughts 

Leaving where you are to a new place is not without its challenges, but it is an opportunity to experience something new. Moving to Atlanta would equally have its issues, many of which you would overcome easily using the Agoyu app. 
The app would help you find and employ the services of the best and most qualified movers. You could compare the prices to choose the best value for your budget. You can test out the Agoyu app here for free!

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