The 6 Best Pool Table Moving Companies Reviewed

When it comes time to move your beloved pool table to a new home, you’ll want to trust only the most experienced professionals. A good pool table moving company knows all the tricks of the trade to safely transport your table without any scratches, dings, or damage. They’ll have high-quality equipment, a trained crew, and plenty of expertise under their belt.

To help you find the best pool table movers, we’ve reviewed the top companies that specialize in moving pool tables. Read on for our reviews of the six best companies that move pool tables.

1. American Van Lines

Best Overall


  • Over 25 years specializing in moving heavy furniture
  • Highly trained uniformed crew members
  • Use foam-lined rails to prevent slate scratching
  • Exclusive lift gates protect parts in transit
  • Available nationwide


  • Smaller customer base than largest van lines

When it comes to moving heavy furniture and valuables, American Van Lines tops our list as the best overall national moving company. Their trained crews have specially designed equipment for specialty services to safely move everything from antique furniture to heavy safes without any issues.

For pool table transportation, their experienced staff takes careful precautions to fully disassemble your table, wrap the slate and rails with protective blankets, and use exclusive lift gates to ensure no parts touch the truck floor during transit. With an extensive network of locations nationwide, they make moving your pool table to any state simple and hassle-free.

With their impeccable reputation, state-of-the-art equipment, and obsessive attention to detail, American Van Lines stands atop the industry for delicately transporting prized pool tables across any distance. 

2. Cincinnati Billiards Services

Affordable Pricing Options


  • Very affordable rates
  • Trained professionals focused on pool tables
  • Modern hydraulic lift gate truck
  • Free repair estimates


  • Based only in Cincinnati metro area

For pool table moves in Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana, Cincinnati Billiards Services offers an affordable solution for safely relocating your table. As a local company focused specifically on pool tables for over 15 years, they have specialized equipment and expert staff to move tables of any style with ease.

As the top local Cincinnati pool table mover, Cincinnati Billiards Services invests in top-quality gear designed specifically for safely transporting slate pieces, rails, legs, and accessories. 

Their hydraulic lift gate truck allows easy access without heavy lifting that could lead to injuries or accidents. Available nights and weekends with special hourly rates, their upfront pricing ensures no surprise fees either.

With specialized equipment and staff combined with transparent upfront pricing, rely on their years of experience for your upcoming move.

3. International Van Lines

Great Reputation


  • Full-service packing & unpacking help
  • Highly trained & screened crew members
  • Use thick blankets & foam to protect table
  • Local and long distance pool table movers


  • Can book up during peak season

From coast to coast, International Van Lines is one of the most reputable moving companies when you need to relocate your pool table. As an Atlas Van Lines agent with over 500 positive reviews, they offer the resources of a national company combined with the personal touch of a family-owned moving broker.

As an esteemed Atlas agent with decades in the moving business spanning generations, International Van Lines leverages substantial resources to expertly move heavy specialty items like pool tables. 

For personalized service from a steadfast company equipped for safely moving your most prized possessions, trust International Van Lines’ outstanding reputation and expertise. Their renowned crews delicately move everything from grand pianos to hot tubs using state-of-the-art methods so your cherished pool table arrives in flawless condition.

4. Southern Billiards

Years of Experience Moving Pool Tables


  • 25+ years experience moving pool tables
  • Trained technicians with billiards expertise
  • Specialty equipment designed for pool tables
  • Available in Texas & Oklahoma
  • Highly rated customer reviews


  • Based only in TX & OK

Southern Billiards lives up to their name as the south’s premium billiards service focused exclusively on installing, moving, and servicing pool tables across Texas and Oklahoma. With over 25 years specializing in billiards, their extensively trained professionals have the know-how to safely relocate tables of every type without any nicks or scratches.

As one of the best companies who moves pool tables in Texas’ pool table industry, Southern Billiards thoroughly trains each employee on the intricate process of properly disassembling, loading, securing, and reinstalling pool tables. 

Their customized trucks utilize specialty bars, pads, and supports explicitly built to stabilize pieces in transit without any sway or damage. For owners seeking seasoned professionals combining robust billiards knowledge with modern moving methods, Southern Billiards delivers incredible service every time.

Trust only Southern Billiards’ expertise honed from years of experience delivering utterly elegant moves.

5. Allied Van Lines

Excellent Customer Reviews 


  • 4.5-star average rating from 500+ reviews
  • 60 years experience in household moves
  • Full-service packing & unpacking assistance
  • Foam cushions used to protect slate
  • Available for local & nationwide moves


  • Peak season dates fill up quickly

As one of the largest van line networks in America, Allied Van Lines leverages their extensive resources to provide seamless moves across town or between states. Their professional movers routinely receive glowing recommendations and 5-star ratings for expertly moving valuable specialty items like pool tables.

With each agent-owned Allied franchise specializing in local moves for over 60 years collectively, Allied delivers exceptional regional knowledge combined with renowned national resources. For moving prized pool tables, they utilize thick foam cushions and padding to guarantee the slate, rails, and legs remain pristinely preserved. 

Their comprehensively insured crews even offer full packing services using custom crates to prevent shifting or scraping. For specialized local moving capabilities enhanced by renowned global resources and peak professionalism, engage Allied for your upcoming pool table transport and bask in the ease of a smooth, exquisite move.

6. Expert Pool Table Moving and Recovering

Flexible Hours


  • Highly skilled and well-trained workers
  • Flexible hours, including weekends and evenings
  • Goes above and beyond to deliver excellent service
  • Transparent pricing


  • Serves only the Southern California Region

Expert Pool Table Moving and Recovery is a professional pool table moving service located in Southern California, serving San Bernadino, Riverside, Orange, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties. 

They offer flexible scheduling, working around customers’ availability to coordinate convenient pool table pick-up and delivery. As a local moving company specializing in pool tables, they have several advantages that make them stand out.

There are many benefits to using Expert Pool Table Moving and Recovery. First and foremost, their technicians are highly-trained and skilled in properly disassembling, moving, and reinstalling pool tables without damage. 

They take great care to fully protect tables with blankets and straps throughout the moving process. Additionally, their upfront pricing is transparent and cost-effective, with no hidden fees. 

The only potential disadvantage to note is that Expert Pool Table Moving and Recovery exclusively serves customers located in Southern California at this time. So they may not be an option for pool table owners outside of the SoCal region. 

Pool Table Moving Company: FAQs

How should I prepare for my pool table to be moved?

Properly preparing your pool table makes for a smoother moving process by following packing and moving tips can help make the process easier. Remove all accessories from the table top like cues, cue holders, bridges, balls, and racks. 

Disassemble any lamps as well to prevent breakage. Clear a wide path to all doorways and ensure at least one three foot-wide doorway for exit. Check for low ceilings, hanging lights, or narrow halls that may need to be bypassed on the route.

Do they reassemble the pool table at my new home?

Yes, reputable pool table moving companies always handle complete reassembly and re-leveling your table at your new residence. 

Their trained technicians carefully build back each element using necessary tools and measuring equipment to return your table flawlessly.

Will my warranty still apply after the move?

Manufacturers generally honor warranties after professional relocation since all assembly and infrastructure remains intact under a trained mover’s diligent care, assuming no direct damage occurs in transit. 

Reputable movers also carry insurance and offer repair guarantees for any flaws caused during transportation due to mistakes on their end. When moving items such as a pool table, fine artwork, or if you are moving a piano, you should always opt for insurance for your move in case of damage. 

Do they also service pool tables or just move them?

Many pool table moving companies also offer related services like deploying new felt, arranging part replacements, or general cleaning and maintenance. 

Discuss their full suite of offerings to understand how they can meet all your pool table servicing needs before, during, or after the relocation process.

Final Thoughts

When dealing with specialty furniture like prized pool tables that necessitate delicate care, never settle for inexperienced movers. 

Our top recommended pool table moving companies employ extensively trained crews utilizing high-end equipment explicitly designed to safely transport slate pieces, rails, legs, and other elements across any distance without a nick of damage. 

The Agoyu moving app can help you find the best pool table moving company that meets your specific needs. Check out Agoyu today to get started.

Bill Mulholland

Bill Mulholland is the owner of ARC Relocation, a company that relocates thousands of employees annually, to every state in the United States, and more than 90 foreign countries, for organizations like DHL,, GNC, and the U.S. Government. Bill also owns a real estate brokerage and title company in Virginia.