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The Average Cost to Move a 4-Bedroom House Long-Distance

It is difficult to find a simple answer to the question about the average cost to move a 4-bedroom house long-distance. The reason is too many variables influence the cost of the move.

In theory, the average cost for such a move can be between $3,000 to $16,000. However, each move has its unique features and you need to look into the details for a more accurate estimation.

In this article, we take a closer look at the cost to move a 4-bedroom house over long as well as short distances.

How Much to Move a 4-Bedroom House Long Distance

The costs will depend on the services that you choose and the distance. For local moves, the costs for labor are between $38-$75 per mover, per hour. For DIY moves, you will need to rent a truck and buy the necessary packing supplies.

The approximate cost to move a 4 bedroom house is listed in the chart below.

MileageProfessional Moving CompanyRental TruckMoving Container
<50 miles$1,650 – $3,600$90 – $130$900 – $1,520
Between 50-250 miles$2,100 to $5,700$470 – $825$1,730 – $2,800
Within 1000 miles$4,950 – $8,100$1,130 – $2,050$2,480 – $4,150
Within 2500 miles$8,372 – $13,221$2,347 – $4,381$3,950 – $6,820
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Average Size of a 4-Bedroom House

The size of the house will determine the size of the moving truck and the time required for the move. Apart from the bedrooms, a 4-bedroom house includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, and two to three bathrooms. As per moving industry standards, the average size of a 4-bedroom house is taken as 2000 square feet. 

But, not all houses are designed in the same manner and the actual square footage will vary. This makes a home inspection by the moving company an important part of generating a moving estimate.

Only BoxesFurniture and Boxes
1500 -2000 Sq ft2000-3000 Sq ft

Cost Estimates for Moving a 4 Bedroom Home

 Here is a list that will help you to form an idea of the costs based on the number of miles.

Where To?How Many Miles?Portable Storage ContainerRental TruckProfessional Moving Company
Austin to Orlando1130$2,590 – $5,100$1.200 –  $2,500.$5,300 – $10,200
Seattle to Indianapolis2250$3,350 – $7,200$2,100 – $3,800$8,500 – $14,800
Boston to Chicago985$2,480 – $4,780$1,100 – $2,220$5000 – $9,650
Atlanta to San Francisco2485$3,500 – $7,800$8,000 – $13,850$8,000 – $13,200
New York City to Salt Lake City 2171$3,200 – $6,850$1,750 – $3,720$7,200 – $13,000

Factors That Influence the Cost of Moving

Understanding the factors that influence moving costs will help you to cut the costs wherever possible. 


As the distance between pick-up and delivery locations goes up, so will the transportation cost. Local moves will cost less than long-distance moves. This is not only due to the higher fuel costs but also due to the higher driver charges. The cost to move cross-country or for cross-border moves will be higher. 

Apart from that, the costs can also depend on the exact location, If the destination is an isolated rural area, the costs can go up. The distance the movers have to carry the items after unloading and the number of stairs to be climbed also impacts the price. For example, if the destination is on the 5th floor, it will require more effort than a ground-floor destination.

Square Footage

The square footage of the area will determine the scale of the move. The larger the space, the more items to move. Besides, packing and uploading more items will require more time and effort.

Moving a 2-bedroom apartment will need less effort and can be managed by 2 movers. However, the costs to move a 3-bedroom or a 4-bedroom house will be higher as the process will take more time and labor.


The weight of the items that you will be moving is another important factor that moving companies consider along with the distance. Bulky items are more difficult to move and will add to the fuel costs. If you have heavier items to move, be prepared to pay more.

Time of the Year

The time of your move is an important consideration when you need to manage moving costs. In general, specific times of the year are busier for movers than other periods. Since moving companies remain booked on weekends and month ends, moves during these periods cost more. Moves during financial year-ends and at the end of school sessions are also more expensive. 

Add-on Services

In general, any special requirements during a move will attract more charges. These can include the dismantling and packing of complex items or handling delicate or heavier items. Movers will also charge more if you require services like disassembling and reassembling furniture.

Beyond that, you may need storage services during a complicated move. Extra charges will depend on the type and volume of storage you need. You will also have to pay extra if you need to transport your car to another state.

The Average Cost to Move a 4-Bedroom House Long-Distance – 


What is the best way to cut moving costs when moving a 4-bedroom house?

One of the best ways to cut moving costs is to downsize your belongings by reducing clutter. Other than that, you can be flexible with the moving dates to get reduced rates or a discount.

How much does it cost to move a 4-bedroom house cross country?

The exact costs will depend on multiple factors including the weight of the items and the exact distance. For a cross-country move above 2000 miles, the average moving costs can range between $9,500 – $14,250.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the average cost to move a 4-bedroom house over a long distance depends on multiple factors. When it comes to moving services, picking cheaper options can lead to a lot of inconveniences. So, it’s best to pick a reasonable price and not the cheapest.

Some effective tips for relocating include using your own car or taking help from a friend with a truck or trailer will help you to save money during the move.

But you will need to spend more time and effort in planning the entire move. On the other hand, choosing a professional moving company can make the entire moving experience hassle-free for you.

Obviously, you need to compare moving quotes before making the right choice. And this is where the free online tool from Agoyu comes in to help you make the best choice. The simple 3-step process allows you to compare and book the best moving company to help you with the move.

With Agoyu, selecting the right mover is easier than you think. Simply scan all your boxes and furniture and Agoyu will provide you with a quote from local moving companies in your area. 

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