Privacy Policy

Agoyu provides moving estimates and the ability for a consumer to create a moving profile which moving companies can bid on your move. We hold true to our core values, and our mission is our commitment to upholding the highest standards of data protection for our consumers
This Privacy Policy applies to the Agoyu Site which link to this policy and are published on our site here. If you have additional questions about how we use your personal information, please contact our team at [email protected].

Information we collect.

This section details the information we may collect about you. We explain why and how we use your information in the following ways:

Account information

  • Information Agoyu obtains from partners and public sources
  • Log in information such as username and password
  • Payment details (only when specified in the marketplace)

Information Agoyu obtains from partners and public sources

  • In some cases, Agoyu will collect information about your from our partners or from publicly available websites to help us understand our audience and enhance the relevance of our content.

Information we obtain through cookies and similar tools:
We use cookies and analytics tools across our Site to collect information about you. This information can be used to improve the performance of our site, make advertising more relevant to you and enhance your user experience. We provide all the information about cookies and similar technologies within our Cookie Policy.

How we use your personal information.

Account information

  1. To provide the Agoyu service. We require some of your basic personal information so our services work as you would expect. For example, telling a moving company where to go to move your household goods.
  2. To improve and maintain performance of our website. In order for Agoyu to provide you with the best possible user experience, we need to make sure our product and services work as they should. Using personal information helps us understand how our consumers use our Site so we can make improvements. This includes testing proposed new developments on our Site.
  3. For billing. If you’re a company user, and your access is permissioned from your employer under a group subscription, we use cookies for the purposes of measuring activity and billing
  4. To monitor compliance with our policies and terms. Agoyu monitors for breaches of our terms, conditions and copyright policies.
  5. To personalize our products and services. Agoyu improves your user experience of our product and services by personalizing parts of our Site with the information you give us and learn about you. This includes showing you advertisements you may be interest in, and recommending service providers you may want to use.
  6. To communicate product changes and offers. Agoyu wants you to get the most out of our product. We will contact you with carefully curated offers, promotions and feature announcements.
  7. For the purpose of advertising. Agoyu relies on advertising revenue in part to support our platform. We need to process your information to understand the effectiveness of the advertising we serve you and others to deliver relevant ads.
Who we share your personal information with.

We disclose personal information to facilitate the running of our business or to provide services your have specifically requested. Commonly we will disclose this information to service providers and advertisers to help support our business and improve our products.

How we keep your information secure.

Agoyu has the appropriate technical (encryption) and administrative security measures in place to prevent against unauthorized or accidental access, use, alteration or loss of your information.